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Helpful Free Social Media Report

Michael A. Stelzner, who I think of as the guru of white papers, has put together a report called Social Media Marketing Industry Report – How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses.

Now this report doesn’t answer every single question I’ve got about the whole social media thing; I’m still not sure how much time I want or need to put into it. But I have come away with a better understanding of the whole magilla. I feel like I’ve got a better context than I did before I read it.

And it’s free – just go download it.

Why is it free? Because Michael is having another one of his info packed Summits – the Social Media Success Summit 2009. The free paper is background and promo for that. But if you ignore his Summit entirely – I haven’t decided what if I’m going to attend or not – you’re still miles ahead when you read the report.

Incidentally, the free report with real value as a preview to a class is a great piece of marketing. And a fine example of freelance writing.

Download it, read it and come back and let us know what you think.


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