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Editors, Child Hunger, New Journalism, Top News – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]I don’t see a real common thread in ths short handful of posts, except that I found them interesting. Maybe you can find a theme:

  • Diary of a Mad Editor – John C. Erianne natters and mutters and provides interesting information on many, many things. For example, So You Want to File a Trademark gives some solid hints about how to get this done; The Top 10 Myths About Writing and Why They are Mostly Wrong is mostly right. Check out his list of categories and be amazed.
  • AllisonNazarian  responding @unmarketing, both on twitter, pointed to this video raising money to help end child hunger. I contributed, hope you do too.
  • The end child hunger video makes use of a ChipIn widget that allows you to collect money for, I guess, any purpose, good, bad or indifferent.
  • Kristen King at Inkthinkerblog.com attended the recent Society of Professional Journalists Conference. Bless her for this overview of what happened there. Go ahead and take time to read the whole post. It’s excellent with some great tips about how we writers can profitably and ethically deal with this new journalism age we’re standing in at least hip deep.
  • If you haven’t explored AllTop it’s time you do. AllTop is All The Top News, but that’s a bit misleading because it’s broken into a bunch of usable categories – go explore one you haven’t.


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