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Writer’s Resume? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Hi Anne,

I am just starting out on my journey as a writer. I have been a Virtual Assistant for about 7 years now working from my home office, but want to devote more time to writing.  My problem is that I don’t have a resume for my writing, a VA resume – yes, but no writing resume. I have about 9 articles published through ezinearticles.com so I know I can write a mean article<grin>.

What do you suggest that I do about a resume, at least until I get at least one writing job.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Kathy Zengolewicz

The Ardent Author

Hi Kathy,

Kathy, I normally don’t publish real names, but your websites are a real demonstration of your writing ability and each one has your name on it. I think you’re selling yourself short.

Create a resume that lists each blog and it’s its purpose, then link to your best three posts on each. That will give you nine links on various topics. Do the same with the best three or four articles at ezinearticles.com.

State clearly at the top what kind of writing you want to do. Or create several resumes, one with SEO Writing, another with Financial Writing, etc. Make sure you’ve got them in forms you can send either as an attachment or in the body of an email. I send my resume in the body of the email unless the ad says to send an attachment.

Start querying print magazines. If you don’t own Writer’s Market, buy it today! Is there a trade magazine for Virtual Assistants? (By the way, if there isn’t a good blog for VAs that’s a niche that could probably earn some decent money.) A magazine dealing with spiritual matters might be interested in your piece on meditation. You’ll soon have some print credits and at least some small checks.

You might want to look at my resume, but don’t be discouraged – I’ve been doing this forever 😉

Here’s another question I asnwered on the same subject that may help: Writers Resume or Credit List

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  • admin

    Lol, Paula… I compromised and drew a line through the wrong one and did it right… who knows what folks will thinks now… thanks.

  • It happens to all of us . . . that’s why we can’t trust spellcheck 🙂 personally i’d correct it, not so that no one will know, but so that the less erudite don’t think “Oh, a pro like Anne used it, it must be correct.”

    My two-cents worth . . . Paula

    Paula Swenson’s last blog post..An Anatolian Adventure

  • admin

    yep, I do know the difference… now, do I correct it so no one will know or leave it as an example of what happens to pros as well as beginners?

  • Grammar Nazi

    Anne!!!! Apostrophe Abuse!!!! (Surely a typo?!)

    Create a resume that lists each blog and it’s purpose

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