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Fun For Writers

I’m feeling like I’ve been way too serious recently. Before I go out to play, here are a few suggestions about having fun that might appeal to you:

  1. Orisinal – a series of deceptively simply flash games and some other goodies at the bottom of the site. My favorite is the bumblebees.
  2. List of museums in the United States – find one you haven’t been to yet and go – or just explore their sites.
  3. Language is a Virus – love the site title and this page of this site has all sorts of things. Worth a bookmark. Thanks to No Rules Just Write for the pointer.
  4. Writer’s Fun Zone – advice for writers with a light touch.
  5. Writers’ Block: Are We Having Fun Yet? – Holy Lisle, an accomplished writer, advises fun as a way to break up writer’s block – she’s probably right.
What do you do for fun? 
Off to see grandkids on the train tomorrow.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • Anne, thanks for mentioning my blog — the Writer’s Fun Zone. It is important to have fun and enjoy ourselves with writing. It’s so easy to take ourselves so seriously. I’m with Holly Lisle! And love your museum list. One of ly life goals is to see all the best museums in the world.

  • admin

    Dana, good for you and you’re welcome… for both. 😉

  • Dana

    Well Anne,
    Thanks for the editing job – could not have done it without you. Also, thanks for the big big laugh today as I used the poetry generator on Language is a Virus. I highly recommend it for a little jumpstart if the coffee pot is taking too long, the kids ate all the little chocolate easter eggs, or Spring and the thought of a swimsuit has you looking for low-cal alternatives.
    I enjoy your site SO much and look forward to your postings.

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