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Dangerous Blogs! Quotes to Inspire Writers


The casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it particularly dangerous.


~ Daniel B. Beaulieu

Hmmmm, what do you think? Why might blogs be dangerous?


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  • admin

    Norm, I love your approach to this. Falling trees indeed… you’re right even if no one is listening.

  • Given the nature of blogs, the conversational tone is a natural outgrowth. So the quote is true. But it’s similar to saying “Because they can fall, all trees are dangerous.” Blogs, and Web 2.0, are here until “the next big thing.”

    Norm Benson’s last blog post..Timber’s Term of the Week: Gyppo Logger

  • admin

    Benjamin… not at all sure what it might mean… which is why I posted it.,

  • Perhaps the quote refers to the way that some blog writers at major corporations have ‘casually’ revealed important information that may have ‘casually’ given corporate planners heart attacks. I know that I read some blogs where the tone of the discourse is so light and relaxed that I wonder how some could consider that the professional face of their company.

    I think it’s all about achieving a balance between communication and audience, corporate culture and message.

    Benjamin Hunting’s last blog post..How To Protect Your Car From Mice

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