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Using A Company’s Name – Ask Anne The Writing Pro

Hi Anne,

I regularly receive your newsletter and would like to ask a question about writing an e-book. 

I have been teaching English for many years and would like to write an e-book containing grammar and writing exercises to be sold on a blog I would like to set up for the purpose. I would like to call the e-book “Practice Exercises for Cambridge First Certificate”.

Do you think there could be a problem with the mention of the exam for which the exercises are intended as preparation? I am worried I am not allowed to make reference to the Cambridge exam in the title and would appreciate your advice.

Thanks and best regards,



An ebook on grammar and writing exercises sounds like a good idea. And a blog might very well work.

I did a google search on Cambridge First Certificate and it looks to me like that phrase is being used by many for a variety of purposes.

Please, remember, I am not a lawyer or a copyright expert: But here’s my thinking. Assuming you’re in the United States, titles aren’t subject to copyright – and I don’t see a trademark on items in the search I did.

Now, I can’t tell for sure, but if this certificate is associated with the famous Cambridge in the UK, the copyright laws are different there.

It would also be a huge coup if you could get an endorsement from the people who issue the certificate. And it would be nice if you at least let them know what you’re up to.

Sorry I’m not able to be totally clear on this, but maybe these thoughts will give you a way to search further and make a solid determination.

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  • Nope, wasn’t smart enough to save his contact info. I will henceforth.

  • I wonder if the writer finally went ahead with his book – there’s certainly a market for such material if he can get the right tone.

    • No clue, of course, Andrew… let me go behind the scenes… I may be able to email him.


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