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Of Contracts, Letters of Agreement, And Rates on DollarsandDebt

Sigh… not exactly sure yet how to handle posts on either blog that would work well on both. I just posted Of Contracts, Letters of Agreement, And Rates on DollarandDebt.

Both blogs have different visions, but there is some real overlap.

Let me know if I’m driving you crazy.


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  • Hi Anne,

    I’m new here and I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I have been following this blog for a couple of weeks. Sorry that I didn’t know about the other blog, but I have no problem switching back and forth. ;>)

    Anyway, being new to pursuing my writing career also, you can imagine that I have hundred’s of questions. You have answers lots of those questions right here, but I need to ask if you can point me in the right direction to research what fees I should charge. I know that is a general area, but I have to start somewhere.

    Thanks and keep on inspiring us new writers.

  • admin

    Okay, I think I’ll have to do a bit of rewriting to avoid google’s duplicate content penalty but that’s easy enough to do.Thanks

  • Isaac

    I think you can put some posts on both blogs and put a little thing at the beginning that says that today’s post is cross-posted at the other blog. But I like this blog a little better and I’m not a fan of clicking to the other one to read posts that could easily go here.

    Isaac’s last blog post..Are Community Colleges Worse?

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