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A Beginning Writers Credit List – Videos About Writing

After fiddling quite a bit with my new Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black), here I am answering a question about how someone with no clips can begin to build a writing resume.

I gotta tell you a big part of me doesn’t want to post this, so please be gentle with your comments. However, I do have a plan.


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  • jorgekafkazar

    Nice video, Anne. I’m always glad to see and hear you.

    Good suggestions. Beginners should try all of those approaches. Even if the local paper pays nothing, that should not be a deterrent. A credit is a credit, at this stage.

    You mentioned on-line markets. Also good. The Internerd is a great tool for writers. Every serious writer should have a blog. They’re free, they provide a place to post sample articles, and they can facilitate interaction with other writers and markets. Many blogs have a hard time providing as much good content as they’d like. They welcome comments in response to their posts. After commenting a few times, you can ask the blogger if he/she would like you to provide a guest post. If they’re not interested, try another blog.

    Live weekly writing workshops are often good places to get immediate feedback on specific articles. Sit in on one for a few weeks and get to know them before presenting an article to them for comment. Never argue with any feedback you receive. No matter how stupid it may seem, just write it down and say, “Okay, I made a note of that.” You may discover later that they were right.

    • Jorge, years ago I was part of what we called a manuscripters workshop – weekly meeting, reading outloud, great positive feedback just as you suggest.

  • Becky French

    Thank you to both the person who asked the question, and Anne for being so helpful. I’m taking my first steps too –they’re always the hardest.

  • Hannah

    Thanks, Anne. I didn’t know how I could get one of these jobs with no experience. I write fiction mostly, so looking at regular articles is kind of intimidating. Should just think about it as if I were writing a school paper, and had to do research?

    I don’t knw.

  • Isaac

    Good tips. Nice to see a person now and then too.

    Isaac’s last blog post..Win a James Bond Book

  • Emily U

    That was great, thank you. I’m a beginner and it’s so helpful to have some specific things to be able to try.

  • Appreciate the good tips. Thanks Anne for all your effort.

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