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Blogs About Books – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]Books, books, books. I don’t know a successful freelance writer who isn’t surrounded by books. Seems like reading and writing go together like… well, name your own metaphor.

Here is a selection of five blogs about books I’m liking at the moment. A drop in the bucket (!) but we’ve got to start somewhere.

  • BookSlut – news, opinions, events about books – all sorts of interesting things.
  • The Millions Blog – perhaps a bit New York centric blog about books, publishers, bookstores and more.
  • BookBlogs – a large collection of readers who create block-like entries about the books they are reading. Uneven, but interesting.
  • Love the Book – Lots of reviews, some liberal and progressive which I’m always glad to see, and a list of book awards and the books that won them.
  • Powell’s Books Blog – should have known that one of my favorite bookstores would have a great book blog.
Sigh, don’t you wish you had more time to read? I know I do. 


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