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Speaking Of Twitter, Again

If Twitter is a marketing tool that can be used successfully by freelance writers it would help if we knew who was using the service wouldn’t it. Mike Stelzner (http://twitter.com/Mike_Stelzner), known to us more often because he’s the White Paper guy, tweeted about a website that tells us just that, over at Social Media called Twitter Demographics.

What may be interesting to you, or not, is by the time I checked out the site briefly, Chris Garrett (http://twitter.com/chrisgarrett), known to us more often because of his  Business of Blogging and New Media called chrisg.com had retweeted the link and Mike’s name and info to his audience.

Do you begin to see how twitter might work for you?

There was/is more happening along these lines, but I’ve got to do some writing for clients.


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  • admin

    Isaac, interesting… you created this… will you sell ads or what?

    SMD – how do you plug twitter into facebook…. arghhhhh.

  • SMD

    Twitter is certainly one of my favorite social networking tools. Once it’s plugged into Facebook I find that it is enormously helpful in increasing blog traffic. It’s sort of hard to get traffic when you have a niche topic covered by places that are already big, but Twitter, I think, has helped me find a lot of new folks and I’ve seen the results. Granted, I”m still new to Twitter and only have about 350 followers, but that number is constantly increasing.

    Twitter rules.

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  • Isaac

    I’m a big fan of Twitter and have actually started a new Twitter-related site (www.DVDweets.com). So far, it’s been going well. Self-promotion warning: You can submit a DVDweet that could help spread your name around so you get new followers. Anyway, it’s a great and fun tool.

    Isaac’s last blog post..Vision of Students Today

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