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Not So Dumb Question About Twitter – Ask Anne, The Pro Writer

I’ve been adding a follow me on Twitter link (http://twitter.com/AnneWayman) in my newsletter. It’s working in the sense that I’m picking up more followers every day. 

This morning I got this question:

Hi Anne, 

Dumb question perhaps but why would I want to follow you on Twitter when I get your regular posts anyway?

Hi K
Not a dumb question at all. I just wish I had a truly knowledgeable answer for you. I don’t. Twitter is part of the so-called web2 social media thing that is in many ways a mystery to me.
I’ve gotten far enough to in my understanding to know that if, for example, you had a twitter account and had 500 or 1,000 followers, AND if when I tweet about a post of mine, you re-tweeted it or twitted about it, all 500 or 1,000 of your followers would get my link from you. That’s got to be good for me for sure.
What’s in it for you, you ask? Here’s where it’s fuzzy for me. I do spend some time on twitter chasing interesting posts or responding to others who tweet. But not a ton of time so I might never see your other posts to tweet them to my audience.  
I do notice that Twitter contributes nicely to my page views. It’s not the biggest contributor, but it’s not the smallest either. Since I think the gain in page views and friends is worth it to me, I keep tweeting from time-to-time, and if you’re there my tweeting might ultimately benefit you.
On the other hand, it’s very likely it makes better sense for you to just do what you’re doing and not get too involved in social media which, if you don’t have some objective, like page views, can be a horrid time sink.



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  • Deb

    Reason 1 – Anne might post something on Twitter that doesn’t post here.
    Reason 2 – It increases her following, and is a very small way of giving back for all the advice she gives to us!

    Deb’s last blog post..Free Anti-Virus and other Utilities

  • I do enjoy Twitter too. It is a nice way to take a break from heavier writing through out the day if you are careful and make sure it is only a break and not most of your time. I have an article I wrote about it on Bright Hub, 5 Ways to Avoid Wasting Time on Twitter, if anyone is interested.

  • admin

    True, Autumn. Isaac… not sure exactly how to talk on twitter… I post you post and there may not be any relationship between posts, but I often find nifty things there.

  • Isaac

    I think Twitter is fun and it is a somewhat more direct way for people to interact (online anyway). So many bloggers never respond to readers, but will “talk” via Twitter (not Anne, of course). It’s important that Twitter is used as a networking tool and not just for spamming articles. And a retweet has a lot of power.


    Isaac’s last blog post..Vision of Students Today

  • Well, considering Twitter is free and pretty easy to to use, why not use it? I just created an account, as well, and follow everyone/everything from The Onion and a few celebrities to other freelance writers and the local traffic updates. There might not be a solid reason to use it, but there isn’t a solid reason not to, either. It’s just another free resource, so if it gets you more page views, or even one job, I’d say it’s worth it. 🙂

    Autumn’s last blog post..Money Matters: Take Control of Your Hourly Pay

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