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Is Writing Recession Proof?

Blame it on Peter Bowerman! You know, the guy who writes those Well-Fed books? In a comment here he pointed to a post of his called Is There Such a Thing as a Recession-Proof Client or Industry?

The post is okay, probably not his best writing, but certainly not his worst either. He makes it clear good skills are what keeps the money flowing in. (He also alludes to dinner gatherings I’d love to attend and I realize I don’t even know what part of the country he’s in. Ah, there it is, Atlanta – the other side of the country from me, sigh.)

It’s the discussion he’s started that’s getting interesting. He’s inviting his readers to name recession-proof industries and types of businesses. Worth taking a look at the ever growing list and adding your own find to it if you like.


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  • admin

    Issac, I like commentluv too… and it’s free and easy to add. http://www.commentluv.com/

    Monica, well said, flexibility is key in writing as well as other things.

    Benjamin, well said.

    I agree, Charlotte

  • Every free-lancer I know, whether in writing or another field, is thriving. So many employers have had to lay full-time employees off, yet the work remains to be done. By hiring free-lancers on a per-project basis, they solve their problem–and make our businesses recession proof. Further proof that free-lancing is absolutely the best way to make a living.

    Charlotte’s last blog post..The Accidental Vacation

  • I find that how ‘recession-proof’ your writing career is has a lot to do with the niche you have established for yourself. For example, automotive writing fell off considerably in January and the beginning of February, but it is starting to make a slow comeback. I can only imagine that writing which is tangentially related to specific industries hit hard by the financial crisis will see a paring back when it comes to content production.

    Benjamin Hunting’s last blog post..3 Important Event Planning Tips

  • Let’s face it, we’ll get more work from companies that have to lay off employees and find that they still need to update their websites and produce properly written brochures and business communications after those employees are gone. The recession is a great opportunity for us.

  • I haven’t been feeling the recession too badly, and I thank my business (freelance writing) for that. Freelancing allows me to be flexible, to move where the markets move. As long as you remain flexible and open minded, writing is a great industry to be in during a financial crisis!

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  • Isaac

    Thanks for all these resources. On a side note, I like commenting on your blog, but I like it even more because I get CommentLuv in return. So thanks for that too.

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