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Judge Confused About The ‘Net

Julie Trevelyan who blogs at EditWorks Writing & Editing last week posted an article called uh-oh…censorship?  There she points to an article on Slate called Linked Out.

It’s important because if the ruling stands it could radically change the way we link to one another on the web. Reading it, it sounds like the judge simply doesn’t get it. I mean he wasn’t even willing to listen to what the Electronic Freedom Foundation might have to say on the subject.

My suggestion is you keep your ear to the ground… won’t be zebras probably, but if this starts to get bigger we will hear about it. If it does we’ll have to rally around and urge congress and the president to do the right thing and allow us to link where we want to link.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • Julie Trevelyan

    Definitely pretty scary stuff…although I agree that the judge was perhaps not using the best, ahem, judgment when it came to this particular ruling. But very good stuff to keep in mind! The Internet is still in many ways like the unruly Wild, Wild West…

  • Isaac

    That’s pretty scary. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll have to keep up with this.

    Isaac’s last blog post..Rules of Writing: Free Book Giveaway

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