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What’s On Your Desk?

I bought myself some tulips today. We’ve had several days of rain and clouds here in San Diego, making me sure once again I couldn’t live in Portland or Seattle or back east. I’m simply too much of a weather wuss.

Cut flowers always make me feel better so flowers are one of the thngs on my desk. There is also:

  • A salad – I’m eating lunch at my desk, a practice I don’t approve of, but often do.
  • My computer, monitor, keyboard and rollerball mouse.
  • My camera.
  • Two speakers
  • A Clay coaster I made.
  • A small tablet of note paper for messages. 
  • A 3 x 5 card.
  • An envelope addressed to my credit union.
  • My checkbook
  • Several pens – one purple which I’ve recently learned some banks don’t like.
  • Tissue
  • Migraine medicine
  • Glasses cleaning cloth in plastic holder
  • A messy stack of paper.

Okay, I’ve fessed up. What’s on your desk right this minute?


Image by Anne

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  • admin

    lol, I”m liking hearing (imagining) your desks… keep ’em coming

  • I have two desks. One desk is my writing desk and the other is the computer desk. On my writing desk I currently have a clock, calendar, pen and paper organizer, two lamps, febreeze, an air wick, a wolf snowglobe, my brush, my hand lotions, a notebook, a folder of writing I’m currently working on, and a currently reading book holder. Only the tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and ashtray are on the computer desk right now.

    Both desks are only about five or six feet away from each other on opposites sides of the room which makes it easier to keep organized although I need to cart things back and forth.

  • Hi Anne,
    I love this little meme – because it always changes. On my desk is an empty travel mug, which held some pretty decent coffee. The foil wrapper to a Hershey’s dark chocolate bar. My ‘everything goes in here’ notebook. Sever lined notebooks for notes and inspiration, to do lists and what not. A cup of pens, a framed picture of my honey. And a beautiful print of a sycamore tree.


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  • Lisa

    Wow , I guess I have a mess on my desk.

  • Amy Lynn

    My desk is a mess. My cat has a tendency to lie on my notes, on the small strip of desk between the keyboard and me, or on the mouse as an encouragement to put her before work. And her persistance usually pays off.

  • admin

    Yeah, I’ve got two cats. One of the other often wants to walk on the keyboard… neither wanted their pix taken yesterday… camera shy?

  • Love it! Cats have a knack for invading laps and work spaces. And lying down across newspapers on those increasingly rare occasions when I read them.

    Debbi’s last blog post..Quotation for the Week of February 15

  • Isaac

    A cat.

    I work on a laptop and my cat is on my lap (aka desk).

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  • OMG, my desk . . . I couldn’t begin to list what’s on it. It would read like “250 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me.”

    Fortunately, my computer (where I usually work) is on a separate stand. But, as a result, my desk has a tendency to collect . . . everything.

    Now and then, when I’m feeling ambitious, I try to straighten things up and put things away. It gives me the illusion of order, if nothing else. 🙂

    Debbi’s last blog post..Quotation for the Week of February 15

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