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Winning Freelance Writers Are Also Business People – Resource Roundup Tuesday

If you’re a successful freelance writer or on your way to becoming one, you are in business for yourself. The quicker your come to accept and act on that fact, the more likely you are to become even more successful. Here are some blogs and articles that will help you get and keep your writing business on track:

Here are some of my favorite quotes from these articles:
Be gentle with yourself. You won’t get all your business systems in place at once. Besides, as your business grows, you’ll need to make changes.

You are in business for yourself. Congratulations!

What’s your favorite business tip?


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  • admin

    Allena, my accountant says I’m still too small to benefit from incorporation… getting closer… but I’d need a corporation to have the veil in that sense… but I do take your meaning about your business being separate from you… me too… I am not my business, I am not my writing, etc. etc. etc.

  • admin

    Jeff, I use Quickbooks for Home and Business… and it does way more than I need but even tho’ I don’t use it all, there’s nothing I do use that I want to give up. I don’t even use it for invoicing since I do that so easily in word.

    Any other packages out there folks like?

  • Thank you for all this info! Any thoughts on the best software for managing money — from basic accounting to invoicing? I suppose I could just update my Quicken, but I wonder if there’s a software package out there that’s simplified (Quicken does WAY more than I need).


    Jeff Shattuck’s last blog post..• As Neil Young might say, "Ah, here’s another piece of crap for you." Yup, it’s yet another demo!

  • Allena

    No sure I agree or not OW, but am willing to hear more. My business as an entity will go one until I stop renewing the paperwork… It is also separate from me/ there is a “corporate veil”. Or, at least I try to have one.

  • admin

    OW, I’m working to create systems that will run without me… thinking royalties and residual income plus maybe a virtual assistant or two… I’ll keep you posted as I get these developed.

  • I think you have to separate “self employed” from “business owner”. To my mind a business is an entity/system that works regardless of who is running it (within reason). I think most freelance writers fall under the “self employed” category as they need to be there or the business stops.

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