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Think You’re Stuck With Low Fees? Think Again

Think you’re stuck with collecting only low fees for your writing? It doesn’t have to be true. Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Writing wrote an article: How One Freelance Writer Increased Her Income Ten-Fold 

It’s about one of her readers,  LaToya Irby, who started writing at a penny a word and now is making at least fifteen cents. Plus, for some work she charges by the hour. It’s a great story; one I think every freelancer should read. 

Here’s part of one statement LaToya makes that I just love:

Sure, deciding to increase my rates was the easy part. The hard part was letting go of clients that didn’t want to pay the higher rate and putting in the work to find clients that would pay them.  

Yes! The willingness to find clients that are happy to pay you what your worth is key, and it has a great deal more to do with how you view yourself than anything else. If you think you’re worth a penny a word, that’s what you’ll get for the most part; if you know you’re worth $100 or more an hour, you’ll find yourself with clients that can more than afford you and are happy to do so.

How do you change your own attitude? Anyway you can. It probably first starts with knowing you can change how you view yourself, and becoming willing to do so. Once you’re willing, the exact how almost doesn’t matter. Some do it through 12 Step Programs, some through counseling, some through church, some through changing negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Many use a variety of methods.

LaToya give some clues to how she made the switch in an article on her blog called: Don’t Hate Yourself In the Morning – a great title for the topic I think.

Read ’em both and consider raising your own rates.


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  • admin

    (blush – again) Thanks Jurgen, I fixed it… don’t know why I can’t see that when I’m writing/editing. I do know the difference ;(

  • good post, we must not think of ourselves as supplicants…but the headline should be Think YOU’RE (not your…)…couldn’t help pointing that out on a writing blog 🙂

  • admin

    Jenn, I’ve found that with practice I actually have changed my sense of myself for the good. Once and a while the old, insecure me shows up, but only briefly.

    A spiritual teacher (Guy Williams – http://thehilltopcenter.org/) suggested I look for at least one thing each day that shows me the world is a better place because I’m in it. An amazing exercise and well worth it imo.

  • Thanks for sharing the post and interview with your readers Anne. 🙂

    I was actually talking privately to another writer recently who mentioned having confidence issues and that holding her back from charging more. While I try not to think about it much, I had to admit to her, that even at higher rates I still sometimes lack confidence. It really does come down to being able to “put on a show” sometimes – even if just for yourself. If you don’t present yourself as confident and keep reminding yourself of the reasons you should be, it can be a difficult state to reach.

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