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Learning to Grok Twitter – 3

I love it when an expert agrees with me. Early this year I signed up for Twitter, the mini-blogging system that allows you only 140 characters per post. I was lost and blogged about it in a post called Learning To Grok Twitter

I got a little clearer on the topic in Learning To Grok Twitter – 2. After a few more weeks I decided I’d use it my way, which, at the moment, is to scan the folks I’m following and make comments, etc., only when I have time and I’d also tweet all or most of my blog posts.

Today, Debbie Mack who blogs at Writing For Hire wrote a post called More Twitter Talk which among other things points to an article by New York Times Tech columnist David Pogue who says: Twitter? It’s What You Make It.

If that isn’t reinforcement enough, I’ve tuned into Leo Laporte, the tech guy who does talk radio about technology that I can mostly understand. And guess what? He’s saying you can use Twitter anyway you want.

I’m still not sure I totally get twitter, but I could say the same thing about blogs!

How do you use Twitter, or do you?


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  • admin

    Yeah, I like Leo a lot. Checking his site before installing anything makes sense… and he’s the one who convinced me to start using Carbonite (https://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com/2009/02/are-you-backed-up-off-site)

  • Leslie

    Haven’t tried Twitter, but Leo Laporte has been giving out good advice for many years. He dumped the corporate G-TV or whatever it was called before that and went on his own. I always check his website before I install new programs or software.

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