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Music and Cats – Quotes to Inspire Writers

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.

Albert Schweitzer


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • Anne

    No, you call yourself a writer because you must write… or at least that’s how it is with me, and while there is some discipline it doesn’t have to be looming deadlines or unfamiliar topics.

    • Jim

      Fair enough. But I lack the vocabulary, then, to describe what a self-imposed task such as this writing makes me.

      I played music once, too, and made money at it. I learned that there is music, and there’s the music business. Maybe it’s that way with writing too.

      Thanks for the insight.


      • Anne

        suspect it makes you a writer filling out an application… and yes, there is writing and the writing business… that’s why my 3 secrets:



        • Jim

          Just to close the circle: yes, I am a writer because I write. And yes, I was a writer filling out an application.

          I had an “A-HA!” moment that came from the drudgery of writing a Baldrige application. I was brought on board because people at work have seen samples of my writing and thought I write well. But as the project evolved, I saw my essential role for what it truly was: the “vanquisher of white space”. White space is intimidating for most people who’ve been given a writing assignment. I view it as a challenge, as a canvas on which to paint. I proceeded to fill the white space with writing. My writing may not have been the most knowledgeble, or the most technically correct, but it was, undeniably, writing.

          Having something as a starting point got the project moving along. Others tweaked, corrected, edited, embellished, and, at a basic level, changed it. I resolved not to let too much of my ego get tied up in the content, but vigilantly to safeguard the writing, the flow, the use of the language. There’s a lot of “buzz language” in a project like this, but wherever there’s a place for clear expression or language that engages the reader, I made sure the writing stayed. Oh, there are a few groaners of the “is comprised of” variety (mine was not the final editing hand) but most of what I wrote survived.

          Now. On to things I enjoy writing about. Whatever the subject, I enjoy writing. Thank you, Anne, for the daily links to others who write because they simply must.

  • Anne

    Jim, what wonderful thing have you done for a Baldrige?

    • Jim

      Oh, I’ve done nothing wonderful. In my day job I work at a hospital, and they’re applying for a State-level award. I was honored to be on the application team because my reputation as a writer has become known at work.

      I have always thought of myself as a writer. But I wonder if you can really call yourself a writer unless you’ve become engage in a project where the subject matter is only vaguely familiar, the deadline is looming, and the style of writing expected is much different from what you’re accustomed to.

      It imposes a discipline that leaves me with mixed feelings. I will have a quiet pride when the application is done. Any recognition, however, will redound to those who have done the work which my writing merely describes. And that’s OK with me.


  • Jim

    Earlier I wrote about my Mitzi. Right now I have put my creative muse on hold because reality dictates that I write an application for a Baldrige Award. Stultifying. Mitzi just jumped up on the arm of the chair for a short visit. Somehow she let me know that she is giving me space to work, but that if she only had thumbs, she’d help me type the Baldrige stuff.

    Funny — some of the Baldrige questions are starting to make as much sense as the “sentences” Mitzi wrote when as a kitten she walked, dropped and rolled on my computer keyboard.

  • Anne

    MzTiz disdains the keyboard unless I’m using it. She does, however, insist I get up from the computer to make sure her dry food bowl is full… seems determined to give me a break.

  • Kris

    My cats are my constant writing companions. They often add their own thoughts to my work such as atyu890 and xcv,./ and will instant message friends with similar comments when I’m away from the computer.

  • Awww she or he is a sweetie. The quote is a cute quote. We rescue strays.

    Currently I am writing an article on Sound Therapy to submit to ILM. The job I mentioned I found here last week I think it was.

    I think our cats like music as long as it isn’t too loud.

    Thanks for the quote and pic.

  • Jim

    Mitzi is not my cat; I am Mitzi’s person.

    Mitzi lets me live in her apartment by the river.

    She tolerates most of my music.

    I cannot imagine life without her.

    Jim’s last blog post..Bad Lie?

  • admin

    two here, contemplating a third 😉

  • I agree! This is why I have 3 cats, hehe.

    Celine’s last blog post..Exercises in Failure: Allow yourself to create crap

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