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Don’t Let Become A Blogger Close Without You

I’ve been taking Become A Blogger by Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick, two blokes from Oz (Australia) who know their stuff when it comes to blogging. 

Sure, I’d been blogging for several years, as many of you know, but I’d missed out on some of the basics when it comes to actually making money with my blog. So I signed up.

It’s a tiny monthly fee and I’ve way more than made my money back so far. If you’ve been giving any thought to starting a blog or making money with your blog, I strongly recommend you sign up for Become A Blogger. And yes, I’ll make a bit of money if you sign up, but this is one I’d recommend even if I didn’t.


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  • I do not blog per se but found this very interesting. I went to the site and found this message.

    Become A Blogger Premium Is Now Closed To The General Public…

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