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Tracking With Triond

Triond is super easy to use. When I log on I’m taken to what they call the dashboard. My article link is right there, along with how much I’ve earned and the date of the next payment, statistics and other information.

Unfortunately, the article, Get Out From Under Debt and Stay That Way has gotten only one view, and that might be me. It may be that I’ve earned a penny.

As I poke around the site, it looks like there’s at least some social networking opportunities. That might be fun if I were looking for other writers. I’m not. I find plenty of you right here, but I’m not typical.

It’s also unclear to me if there’s anything I can do to promote the article and earn more money.

I’ll have to keep watching Triond, Helium and Associated Content to see if magic happens and I actually earn at least some walking around money.

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  • admin

    thanks… appreciate it.

  • Triond does have this list of sites where you can promote your articles. You can access it from the Content tag, then hovering it over your article’s “share” tag, which is somewhere near the right side of the page.

    I think the appeal to Triond is the ease of use, the “you just take care of your article, we’ll take care of everything else” approach. Compared to Associated Content, where you’ll have to click through several pages to submit, then wait for up to a week for them to approve and Helium, where you’ll have to maintain a rating star every month, Triond is refreshingly simple to use.

    I did do a simliar experiment sometime back comparing the page views earnings for Associated Content, Helium, and Triond by publishing similar articles for all three sites. In that experiment, Triond came out first, followed by Associated Content and the last was Helium. However, that was quite a while back, and since then, Helium has made quite a few changes to the site and has risen by quite a lot in page rank.

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  • Awww!
    I’ll go find and read it to help you out because I like helping people and pointing people in the right direction too.

  • I read your article, and I found it to be well-put together. I like the numbered list in the body. Get used to making little money with them. For me the best part of the whole site is that with all the different “publications” (Gomestic, WritingHood, etc.), a greenhorn can tell themself that it looks like a “real” magazine. It’s a little ego boost.

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