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MeghnaK who tweets at http://twitter.com/MeghnaK and blogs at Delve into the Mind of a Budding Blogger tweeted about John Hewitt’s Fifteen Craft Exercises for Writers. Written way back in 2004, it’s excellent as so much of John’s advice is.

Hard to choose which exercise I like best, but Keep a diary of a fictional character made me chuckle.

Tell is which one is your favorite.


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  • My three favs are:

    “Write a fictional interview with yourself, an acquaintace, … ”
    “Pick up a newspaper or supermarket tabloid.”
    “Take a passage from a book, … ”

    I think I would stay away from the obituary one too for myself however, I might consider one for a fictional or a cartoon character.

  • admin

    Devon! No intention to pull you off your intention.

    I’ve always been a bit uneasy about the obit exercise too… it also seems really ego based… or egomania tempting.

  • If I didn’t have a backlog of projects, many of those exercises would be great. However, all I need is to go off on a new tangent right now!

    I have a problem with the whole “write your obituary” thing, no matter where it suggests it, because there are far too many things to get done, and far too many opportunities out there I don’t even know about yet.

    Since I believe what you put out there is what you draw — first, I don’t want to draw my death towards me earlier than scheduled, and second, I don’t want to be hemmed in by what I think I want at this moment and push away great things that have yet to manifest.

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