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make money bloggingBlogging has become a viable way for writers to make at least some money. The ProBlogger Earning Survey For Bloggers polled bloggers making from less than $10 a month to $20,000 or more a month. Here are some helpful resources if you want to set up your own blog and make money blogging:

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog with the idea of making money, I suggest you first review the free resources here – every link has something free.

Do you have a blog? Give us your blog’s address.

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  • Hi Anne – just reading through the great resources you have on this site. It looks like this post is from 2009…would you say its content is still relevant, or has the situation with “blogging to earn money” changed significantly in the past three years? I visited the ProBlogger site a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure what to think.

    Catherine Barnes recently posted..BandaMy Profile

    • Ugh, it’s still valid in a general sense but some of the links are dead… thanks… I’ll update it, maybe even do a whole new post.

  • admin

    yeah, raises from headquarters won’t cut it 😉

  • Increasing your income is the best part of freelancing! You just can’t do that in a 9-5!

    Nicole LaMarco’s last blog post..Must Have Book for Moms: A Mother’s Legacy

  • admin

    Nicole, increasing income is delightful isn’t it!

    Peter, your sig is to your main landing page… that’s how I got there.

    Debbie, using a blog to promote your business is perfect… so is story telling 😉

  • Aw, thanks so much!

    Nicole LaMarco’s last blog post..Must Have Book for Moms: A Mother’s Legacy

  • Hello Nicole,

    Your blog’s simply awesome. You’re using Today.com, I understand it now.


    Peter Allan Mariano

  • Hi Peter,

    They pay me per post, per click, and I use affiliate links to the products I have.


    Nicole LaMarco’s last blog post..Must Have Book for Moms: A Mother’s Legacy

  • Hi Anne,
    I don’t make money as a Blogger. Perhaps someday. I am using the Blog as a way to highlight my career as a Professional Storyteller & Published Author. Here’s the link to my storytelling Blog:

    Thanks for all your great links and job postings.
    Best Wishes,
    Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons
    Author of “The Bell Witch Unveiled At Last! The True Story Of A Poltergeist” written under my pen name of DJ Lyons

  • Hello Anne, everybody.

    Well, the guys at problogger say that having great content is the first step, to get good ranking on the search engines and drive traffic to your sites (that’s how I landed on About Freelance Writing!). But don’t rely on search engines alone. Problogger does recommend several methods of driving traffic to your sites like: social network postings; backlinks from forums; ezine submissions; etc and etc. Just starting to try them out myself.

    Oh! You landed on my gateway page. Actually, I’m promoting each blogsite separately, but then new clients come up and ask for links to my blogs – I send them this gateway instead, with a few introductions to each blog. I didn’t list clients’ blogs though, due to nondisclosure agreements. I’m trying to improve this gateway more, probably add sample materials, my artist portfolio (graphics), links, business proposals, etc. If I finalize something which includes all that, I’ll probably get my own domain and hosting and transfer them all there.

    Hello Nicole, can you share the details on how you earn from your blog? Through ads? Paid articles? Would love to know and learn. Ciao!

    Peter Allan Mariano

    peter allan mariano’s last blog post..Counting Valentines Roses

  • I’m currently making money with my blog, Loving Literary, and am increasing that every month.

    Nicole LaMarco’s last blog post..Must Have Book for Moms: A Mother’s Legacy

  • admin

    Hi Peter, yeah, great content… and Yaro Starak talks about pillar content… some thing, ever green, but I wonder how folks will ever find it. On my list of to-dos is redirects and an article directory in addition to the categories etc. – oh, I see, the link is to a gateway page, a list of all your blogs. The first time I saw that, yesterday?, I didn’t get it.

    How does that work traffic wise?

  • Hello Anne, Guys,

    Nice topics here. I am a follower of problogger myself. That guy has a lot of experience with blogging, but one thing he always emphasize on how to earn through blogging – is to write great content… often.

    I am earning a steady income with my blogs through the articles I am posting, either on my own blogs or blogs I write content for others. Have not yet earned substantially from the ads, although a few bloggers I know out there generate thousands of dollars from ads alone. That is due to the tremendous traffic their sites are receiving. How to get traffic? Problogger says – write great content.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Allan Mariano

  • admin

    Yes, Kimberlee, for awhile I blogged for others… that can work too.

    Jamie, a blog only paying for itself is hardly “only.” Good Job!

    Re everyone reading… well, it won’t happen even if you’re the richest blogger out there, but why not?

  • I dunno… I am just happy that my blog pays for itself… I have never wanted it to be super powerful, then I would feel like everyone was reading everything I wrote!

    Jamie’s last blog post..I knew this was going to happen!!!

  • Hi Anne,

    My blog, Freedom Writing, is on its way to being monetized. I’m not there yet, but am working diligently to see it through. Thanks for these articles, I’ll be sure to check them out.

    I personally make more money blogging for other people. Some people don’t have the time, energy, or writing knowledge to do a blog justice. I can offer my services and come up with a steady income (because blogs need regular updates, and are not once off projects like articles.)


    Kimberlee Ferrell’s last blog post..Writing as an Outsider

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