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Learning To Grok Twitter

Somehow, the first time I saw a web page, even without an image since I was on a DOS machine, I understood what it was – another method of publishing. Blogging wasn’t as clear to me. I see now it is another publishing medium, but it’s also more because it encourages to a small degree community. 

Along comes Twitter and I manage to ignore it for a long time, although the notion of being restricted to 140 characters intrigues me. When I finally join it takes me awhile to realize people sometimes respond directly to me because I immediately recognize that I’ll never adequately follow hundreds, let alone thousands of folks which seems, in part at least, to be the goal.

The notion I could broadcast blog posts to my followers seemed worthwhile, but I could see other things were happening too. Guy Kawasaki (guykawasaki on twitter and creator of alltop) is always posting interesting links to who knows what.

During Barack Obama’s inauguration, there was lots of tweeting as many of us watched the event on our computers rather than on TV.  Big news events are always commented on, and sometimes news breaks on twitter, although I’m not watch closely enough to catch the initial posts.

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame has created TwiTip. It’s a great resource. I particularly like two recent articles: 7 Ways to Be Worth Following on Twitter  and How To Get Unfollowed On Twitter

Perhaps not so by-the-way I found these articles from a tweet by Mike Stelzner of Writing White Papers, and co-creator of White Paper Success Summit 2009.

Come to think of it, I would have never known any of these folks without blogging. Perhaps twitter expands personal networks much the same way.

You can follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/AnneWayman

Do you tweet? Tell us about why you do, or don’t.

Learning To Grok Twitter – 2

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  • I so want to understand this twittering thing. So far it feels like climbing an impossibly difficult mountain.

    I am looking forward to your guidance.

    Thanks, dawn

  • admin

    Mark, I’m sorry you’re disappointed… found one spelling error I had missed… it’s corrected now. Since you haven’t specified any errors actually I don’t know how else to respond. But thanks for dropping by.


  • Mark

    You have disappointed me. The misspellings and poor punctuation in this story. On a blog about writing? sigh…

    I’m not watch closely

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