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Anne To Try Triond, Helium and Associated Content

A couple of years ago as I searched for freelance writing jobs I started to see ads by Associated Content. Once I discovered I would be paid by page views, I ignored them.

It wasn’t long before AC was joined by Helium advertising for freelance writers. Helium pays “top” writers a revenue share and offers a place were publishers can advertise, complete with rates, for the writing they want.

The third entry in this field is Triond. I first learned of them when they asked to place an ad on my site for a month. I agreed. Triond pays a full 50% of the revenue generated from the ads on your articles there.

All three sites seem to make it diffcult to determine what I might earn, and I’m not yet clear on the rights each site wants. In fact, some of these details which are important to professionals seem to be quite obscure.

Are these sites good for writers? I suspect they are under some circumstances. Should you signup? It won’t hurt to explore, they all are free to join. Should you spend a lot of time submitting articles? I doubt it, but I don’t really know. I’ve been wrong in the past, at least once or twice.

But they aren’t going away anytime soon and some people are making what may be fairly decent money. Next week I will create and submit an original article to each service. I’ll let you know how that goes and over the next few weeks will work to keep you informed about what’s happening.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to share your experience with any or all of these services, I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Like I say about these sort of sites, I don’t need exposure or a few pennies for my time, I need real money. Exposure doesn’t feed the family and I would much rather have money than fame. I already have enough exposure to feel confident pitching other magazines and newspapers. Honestly, and with all due respect, I think it’s probably better to write for better paying publications and write less than write 150 articles a month!

  • I have yet to earn any money from AC and only pennies from Helium. As a professional writer for over 30 years, it has been a bit insulting to have several articles in Helium’s “Marketplace” get rejected, even after doing requested revisions to “jazz” up an article according to a “publisher.” There has been some discussion as to the validity of the Marketplace and if it actually even exists. I am curious to know just whom has been paid through the Marketplace directly, for the paltry $24 being offered for a 500 word piece.

  • I even see ads for these places–which I charmingly call the cockroaches of the internet–that say “Some writers earn $100 a month or more”–like this is good pay. We live in Bizarro World. That may even be the name of one of them, I don’t know anymore. You may want “exposure” from a cheesy exploiter–I don’t.
    .-= Star´s last blog ..Jumpstart your boring job search =-.

  • ridwan

    good i come across an opportunity to explore my potential in writing,although i’m an agric student in my second year,but the zeal for writing has been in me.
    basically my writing make delibration on knowing your real self,and also motivational quotations,which i had more than 150 quotes at 20 years.
    I look forward for ways achieving my aims in writing through this organisation,bye.

  • I’ve tried Associated Content and had pretty decent success. It’s by no means a way to support myself, but it does bring in some extra cash every month. I’ve published about 65 articles on the site and have made steadily rising monthly income that started at around $10 or $20 per month and is now at about $75-$80. It’s not big bucks but it’s nice to continually earn some extra cash for one-time writing efforts (that usually didn’t take me all that long).

    I typically don’t bother offering my content for upfront payment anymore as it takes too long to be reviewed and the upfront payment is pretty small. (My upfront payments have ranged from $4 to $12.) The biggest draw for me is the monthly performance payments.

    Many of my articles have been duds but some have been wildly popular, including articles about Soulja Boy’s song “Crank Dat,” an article about 50 Cent, an article about “American Idol” audition tips and secrets and a pair of articles about starting dreadlocks. These articles consistently get thousands of page views every month. This month the AI article has earned me $20 so far. One of the dreadlocks articles and the 50 Cent article have each earned me about $10 and the Soulja Boy article is up there too. All this and I don’t promote my content or write for keyword density. I just try to write interesting, discoverable headlines, write naturally and keep it interesting and informative.

    Overall, Associated Content probably won’t make you rich, but if you can think of popular topics, write good headlines and interesting content that provides valuable information, you will probably do well in the long run. Look at it this way…If one of my articles earns me just $10 per month, which some do, that’s $120 per year, for who knows how many years. That article could end up earning me thousands of dollars in the long run, which beats a few hundred dollars I might have earned up front somewhere else. So I’d say AC is worth a go. Just don’t give up if your first few articles do measly numbers; sometimes you have to keep at it to find the key combination of popular topic, good headline and well-written content that is going to get you ranked highly on Google and linked to all over the net.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    • Anne

      Lauren, the residuals are worth considering. Thanks.

  • Hey all great comments,
    I use both AC (only signed up late last year or early this year) and Heilum (since 2006). I’m still getting used to AC but beacuse I live in New Zealand I don’t qulify for upfront payments on AC. In regards to Heilum if you have a writing star and a rating star and you write for a embty titel at the beging of the next month you will get a $2.00 bonus, and if you write for titles that have 5 or more artilces (i think this is the right amound to be classed as an active title) you can earn from $1.50. The payment has recently been changed. Also they have the marketplace, where you submit an articel and if it reaches number one and the publication accepts your article you can earn anywhere from about $25 (it vaires).

    Opps, got carried away sorry….

    Cindy’s last blog post..The power of doing

  • Great article and comment guys. very informative!

    mazi’s last blog post..Say Goodbye To Game Consoles

  • well, i have bad experience with Helium. they pay me only $ 0.50 for my 300’s articles. oh.. i think it is pitiful that your article is useless.

  • I am only familiar with Helium. I tried to sign up for AC awhile ago but it never worked and I haven’t gone back to try.

  • Oops. the above should reach “you should EARN more than $200 in a month.”

    Sorry for the typo.

    Devon Ellington’s last blog post..Tuesday, January 27, 2009

  • Carol, if you can write 125 articles in a month, you should more than $200.

    Take Anne’s advice — Peter Bowerman’s book (and discussions with him and his website) gave me the confidence to make the transition to full-time writing.

    Don’t sell yourself short.

    Devon Ellington’s last blog post..Tuesday, January 27, 2009

  • admin

    Carol, I turned 66 this year and I’m not starving by quite a long shot. If you’re #2 you should be able to work yourself into better paying jobs… no clue what your specialty is, but you might try either the White Paper Summit that’s advertised here or at least buy Peter Bowerman’s Well Fed Writer and start doing some corporate writing which pays better than AC etc. Good luck, and keep up posted.

  • I write for Associated Content, Digital Journal and have for Helium, at the beginning. Helium pays poorly, in pennies actually, although they market content well and attractively. The problem is they have lots of very young people who write on clothes, fashion, tech stuff, movie stars and frilly things by the bulk; and good writers have to market their own material using article submission sites, which is tedious. The same is true for Associated Content, but it pays much better. I made more than $300 one month. I am always in the top ten at Digital Journal, a place where one submits a resume and articles before being hired as a Citizen Journalist. I will probably do about 125 articles this month, am now in #2 out of 10,000 members and will earn a little over $200. Most people don’t break $100.

    These are desperate times, however; and although the more competition, the worse it becomes for the rest of us, I believe good writers are my starving brothers and sisters, and as a senior past 65 I like to write and help others at the same time.

    That has been my experience and hope that it is helpful to others.

  • My experience with Helium has been much the same as others. You are rated by people who don’t write well themselves, so sometimes ratings are low for excellent writing. Most of the writing there is atrocious, and the rating of other’s writing that you have to do to earn “rating stars” is just an awful, boring task. I became a Premier Writer there but still haven’t earned anything.

    Triond places bold underlined ad links WITHIN your content. I cannot abide that. Seemed to me that much of the writing there was pretty awful also.

    I’m interested in hearing about sites that really are good for writers, so I hope this discussion continues.

  • I’m interested in your experiences, Anne. From the previous comments, it looks like a way to make “a little money on the side”, and since I rely on writing to pay the bills, I don’t think it’s for me. Earn $25 from an article in a month, maybe? Not for me. I prefer to know what I’m making up front (usually quite a bit more than $25) and have a finite date to receive it, and then negotiate reprint rights as needed.

    If these sites work for people, treat people well, and they’re happy there, good for them. I don’t think they fill my needs.

    So I’m interested in your experiences.

    Devon Ellington’s last blog post..Monday, January 26, 2009

  • Anastasia

    I agree – sometimes I rate articles there and I very often I wish they had a buttno sayin – too bad to be rated!

    Anastasia’s last blog post..Introducing MBTI

  • Anastasia

    I started writing for Helium because I wanted to find out if my style and content are actually good enough for someone to like it… Up until now I only published 5 articles (I’ve been with them for less than a month) and every time it is a great feeling to see that all of them rate in the top 25-30% percent. Being rated high is the only way (I think) to earn your stars and only if you have a star you can earn money. Even if you have a start it is still not much for your first 90 articles (or so) you would be earning $0.50 per article … At least this is how I understood the explanation on their site.

    For me personally Helium is a nice place to see what style and topics people like most. Usually the most popular articles in my blog end up being the most popular and highly rated at Helium as well 🙂

    Anastasia’s last blog post..Introducing MBTI

  • Marissa Stanfield

    I started out writing articles for Helium, but I was surprised at how many articles are published by people that do not write well. Infact, I was shocked at the grammer and spelling. Plus, the pay is strange. I didn’t write much for Helium, but never got any money. With Associated Content they are a lot more selective about the content they produce. Also, I get paid usually a minimum of $4.00 an article, but they have had specials where you are offered as much as $10.00. On top of that you get paid per thousand page views. Not only do I get paid every time I write an article, I usually make some money every month on articles previously written. I have been very happy with Associated Content. For me it is a way of making just a little extra money. I am not getting rich doing it, but I am sure I could do even better if I was writing more frequently.

  • admin

    good info you three, thanks

    • How do you manage to have your comments come over in color? I’m new to this game. If you don’t have time to answer, that’s ok.
      .-= Heidi Fogle´s last blog ..Smart Reader =-.

  • I’ve not tried Triond, but I have Helium and AC. Between the 2 AC pays far more. With Helium I usually only make a few cents per day, not really enough to mean much. With AC I can get an upfront fee for the article on top of income for impressions. I still don’t make much with AC, though some people are able to make a sizable income depending on their topic, frequency, and how well they write. I’m fairly infrequent and cover parenting, yet I make about $25 a month. Even on months I haven’t written anything I can pull in $15.

    Summer’s last blog post..My Kitties Are Home!

  • I’m writing for both AssociatedCOntent and Helium. To be honest I started t write for Helium and only recently gotten into AC. Helium is a very competetive site and if you want to get paid you eed to be active there (you need to have a rating star to start getting daily revenue). You write for a title but so are other people. Plus, Helium offers more ways of earning the money. Though I have to say, I like the feel of AC better. I think I will keep writing for both 🙂

    Jane Rutherford’s last blog post..ReviewStream experiment update and other news

  • My experience with Associated Content and Triond has been that although monetary compensation is sorely lacking, these have been great places to get my works published to add to my portfolio. Personally, I use these sites more for exposure than income.

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