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Quiz for Employers – What Should I Add?

Yesterday while I was putting the writing job list together the idea of emailing some of the people posting ads and asking for some feedback occurred to me. The goal would be two-fold:

  1. Alert employers that they can list jobs with me directly for free.
  2. Gathering information that would be helpful to you, the potential applicant.
Here are the questions I’ve got so far: 
  • Where online do you post your writing, editing, blogging and translation jobs?
  • Do you post pay? If not, why not?
  • Are you able to let applicants know you received their application?
  • What’s the most common error that causes you do throw an application out?
  • What kind of responses warms your heart and tempts you to hire that person?
What other questions would you like to suggest? Let me know in comments.
Write well and often,

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  • What’s the typical turnaround time from assignment to deadline? Do you pay rush fees?

  • I would ask if they could point applicants to articles that were especially well received, so that applicants could get an idea of what flies stylistically and content-wise; I suppose examples of articles that “failed” to connect would also be good, although I doubt folks would share such info.

    Jeff Shattuck’s last blog post..Forever Young: Recording with Tim and Eryn Young.

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