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Oh My! First Webcam Experiment

My friend and fellow writer, Helen Chang, and I had lunch Tuesday. She brought her laptop and her new web cam. We moved to Cafe Forte’ in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. (Good coffee, great ambiance.) It may have been a mistake, but we fiddled.

Part of me doesn’t want to show you this for all sorts of reasons, everyone of them having to do with ego and vanity. OTOH, I want to get some writing lessons, etc. on video and this is the first step. We did have one clip that showed the two of us, but somehow it didn’t get saved. Sigh!

I have some sense that I want to share my stumbles and bumbles with you as I get social media figured out. Yeah, the quality is not great; the sound close to awful. No script, etc. etc. etc. so if you comment, please be kind.

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    Thanks Forrest.

  • Ah, video. You need to relax and enjoy it – people love looking at someone on the net. I am happy that there’s a face to put to the writer. All you need is some practice and you’ll be fine. Go for it!

  • admin

    Joe, that was so off the cuff… suggestions well taken and next time I’ll actually plan something… call this one improv in the truest meaning of the sense.

    Jady, I wouldn’t know perfection if it walked in the door… in this case I know it ain’t, but…

  • congrats on first micro video contact. t/u for demonstrating that we don’t have to let perfectionism paralyze us into inaction ! 🙂

  • Joe

    Great first try..couple of quick things..maybe put up a backdrop so distractions kept to minimum…

    To make yourself a little different maybe have you and whiteboard in back then write down one key point for the day/week…

    Keeps you from being another “talking head” video…

    Great Job..


  • admin

    Thanks Julie… I am real, most of the time 😉

  • Julie Trevelyan

    Hey, how cool to see that! I do like putting faces to websites, and seeing a real person makes it–well–more real. 🙂

    Julie Trevelyan’s last blog post..tumbling through technology & sex (still) sells

  • admin

    thanks kiddo… love my fan club!

  • There you are! I needed to be patient. 🙂

    You look fabulous!

    Lori’s last blog post..Everybody’s Working for the Weekend….

  • I’m getting a “Sorry, this video is no longer available” notice. No!!

    Lori’s last blog post..Everybody’s Working for the Weekend….

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