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Deb Ng Nails Taxes for Writers

Fellow American writers, have you started working on your taxes yet? I have. I hire an accountant, actually an Enrolled Agent to do mine. Can’t tell you how much easier he makes my life. My friend, Paulette Ensign, the Tip Booklet Queen is the one who recommended him to me and she sure was right. And my taxes are almost done for 2008 – I’m waiting on two pieces of information from banks and I’m set to file.

I’m not real happy about the results this year. I earned less, lived better, paid more in self-employment tax but since my expenses were less, I actually owe a bit more. OTOH, at least we have a new administration which makes it a tad more palitable for me.

Now, about Deb. She’s got a great post called:Tax Tips for Freelancers – A Dozen Useful Posts

Another great resource is TaxGirl. Like Deb, Kelly is a fellow (what’s the feminine of fellow?) blogger and somehow she manages to keep blogging about taxes helpful and interesting. Quite a trick imo.

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