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Links To History – Freelance Writing Resource Roundup Tuesday

Given that today the United States had it’s 44th peaceful transition of power and inaugurated Barack Obama, our first African American President, it seems appropriate to collect a few links to history, more or less.

First, here’s the link to Obama’s moving speech in it’s full test version.

And, if you want to know what other President’s said, here are the Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from George Washington on.

Here is a list of 100 blogs about history – one could get lost here 😉

From that list is The Modern Historian which looks back in history every day. For example, today the post is: On this day in history: John F. Kennedy inaugurated as President, 1961

Finally, WordPress lists blogs with a U.S. history tag – a mixed bag indeed.

Do you have a favorite link to the past? Share it with us.

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