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Cheering For Obama and His Speech

As I madly switch from screen to screen, mostly watching CNN Live I’m struck not only by my own emotionalism, but also how human every one looks. Obama, Michele, even the Bushes as they escort the new folks into the slave-built White House. 

I didn’t know the White House had been built by slaves, did you? I might have figured it out, but I didn’t; I had to be told through a program over at Democracy Now.

CNN Live is hooked up with Facebook somehow. I gather if I were hooked up to the right group there I might see comments next to the live broadcast. Another example of me not getting social media very well. 

(Time passes) Oh, there’s a Your Voice box, and it allows me to comment. I don’t yet know where those comments show up.

The crowds are amazing and so is the technology that allows me to sit in my home office and watch so much of this live.

Then there’s the live chat over at NPR.org with the likes of Nina Totenberg and Vaughn Ververs.

Watching the 100 Senators arrive, again struck by their humanness. Even GW Bush as he leaves the White House for the last time as President. I can’t imagine what that moment must be like for him – relief? I simply have no idea. But I’m relieved.

And as more and more dignataries are shown I’m struck over and over again about how very white they are. Not all of them of course, but still. (Am starting to wish I’d gone to a local viewing party.)

Screaming liberal that I am, I am also moved by Color Guards and the military bands playing proud.

The Obama daughters and I finally notice how everyone is bundled up against the cold as I sit here in shorts in San Diego. 

And why are Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney wife entering alone? I guess so George W. Bush and Dick Cheney can come in individually. Yes, Michele Obama, and Dr. Jill Biden enter, and in the corridor we catch glimpses of GW and Cheney, Cheney in his wheel chair. Frankly, to my eyes, GW looks lost at first, but seems to pull himself together.

Suspect the founders of our country might resist the fanfare of trumpets as the famous enter, but what the heck.

And it’s done. Here is the full text of Barack Obama’s inaugural speech.

What did you think of it? I was moved… how about you?


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