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Success Tips For Writers and Others

Michael Stelzner (yes, that Michael, of The White Paper Summit) has paraphrased a list of success tips by fellow instructor and writer Bob Bly called: How to Achieve Success: 21 Tips to Live By

I’m not going to paraphrase – blogs get recursive enough. I will suggest you go over there and read the list and see how it matches your view of your freelance writing business and life.

A couple of my favorites are:

  • Always in your business, under-promise and over-deliver. I love looking like a star, and if I run into problems at least I don’t look like a fool.
  • Do not allow yourself to be belittled, insulted, or demeaned verbally or in writing by others. If I don’t stand up for me who will? OTOH, sometimes I walk away. But I like the self-worth this represents.
Each, of course, comes with a paragraph of explanation. 
So, which ones do you like best? Why?
Write well and often,

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  • Angela

    My favorite one is 16—Successful people are able to make swift decisions and carry them out with speed. This is so true. People who take a long time to make a decision often “miss the boat”.

    Angela’s last blog post..Working for Decent Rates

  • Lou Paun

    My favorite is:

    6—Spend as much time as you can with your children when they are young and still want you, even if you must make sacrifices in your professional achievements to do so.

    I did, and I’m happy about it. I may never achieve the professional heights that I would have without that hiatus — but neither I nor my children would be the people we are today without that time, either. I still have plenty of time for professional growth, but we’ll never have those childhood years to do again.

  • My favs are:

    1. “Be yourself”

    10. “Everyday … ”

    13. “Do not allow … ”

    17. “The #1 difference … ”

    18. “Do not think … ”


    21. “Focus on your work.”

    Because each statement will make you a better person and writer. Each gives you things to think about. There’s more I could think of but that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.

    Michelle Kafka’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

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