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How Do I Create A Writer’s Resume? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Hey Anne,

What can you tell me about a writer’s resume?

I am somewhat new to applying for freelance writing  jobs and your information has been extremely helpful.

One thing that is becoming clear, I need a professional Freelance Writer’s Resume to email, and probably for my website. I have no idea about how to begin to put one together.

My writing experience and samples are somewhat limited in the form of currently published work, be it website publishing or otherwise.

I would love to know just what a writer’s resume should look like, include and not include. What do you suggest?

Thanks so much for all you do.


Hey yourself SA,

I use a what I call a credit list instead of a writer’s resume for my freelance writing – both to email and on my professional website. There I simply list the writing I’ve done, naming the publication, the title of the article or the position I held, etc.

I rarely have a need for a hard copy to send to editors. Instead, I have my own website and enough links to actual samples online to satisfy almost any editor’s desire to see how I write. . If you don’t have your own website you should.

As you’ll see when you look at mine, I’ve grouped my writing into several categories, like books, online, blogging, etc. Don’t be embarrassed if you only have few credits; we all started with none.

In fact, if you don’t have actual credits, consider writing a couple of samples you can post on your website.

When you look at my writing credit list, please don’t be discouraged. I’m getting darn close to old and I’ve been writing most of my adult life. Just look and see what you can use and go for it. You’ll find my writing credits here.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, freelance writer



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  • I use VisualCV, where I can upload text and list credits and whatnot. When I am ready, I will also be able to upload audio and video presentations to this resume platform. You can see mine at http://www.visualcv.com/shannonbuck. It will soon be getting an overhaul to reflect all that I have accomplished, but it is an example of what you can do. When I need to upload it for an online application, I can create an up-to-date PDF to send, which can also be printed and mailed if the need be.
    Shannon L. Buck recently posted..This Blog is Now Available for KindleMy Profile

  • Hi Anne —

    What’s the best way to list ghostwriting credits? I ghostwrite articles so of course my name isn’t on them. Should I be listing them as xx number of articles, indicating them as web content? Not sure how to pull that off since I don’t own the rights to them.


  • admin

    Jim, what? your email indicates your an insurance agent… if you’ve subscribed to my newsletters by mistake there’s an unsubscribe at the bottom of each one. If you’re asking me a question about freelance writing I don’t understand it so far.


  • jim

    are you sending me an application with your resume or wanting to sell your services?

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