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Every Email Is A Writer’s Marketing Opportunity

Every email you send is an opportunity for you to market your writing, editing, blogging, translation, etc. services. Every email? Yes, every single one.

The marketing opportunity is, of course, in your email signature.

Your email signature should contain:

  • Your name – amazing how many writers leave out even this minimum information.
  • Your phone number – yes, the number people can reach you at during working hours, whatever those are for you. If that’s your home phone, so be it.
  • Your website or websites.
Because you want to make it easy for people to contact you, that’s why. Sure, it’s possible to set up different signatures for different email situations, but it’s hard to keep track of which you’re using when. The simplest thing is to create one sig that you can use on each and every email
You’ll occasionally hear someone say a sig should be no longer than three or four lines long. That’s no longer as true as it once was. Keep it neat. Put it below some sort of divider. Send a couple of emails to yourself to make sure it looks like you want it, and you’re set.

Here’s the signature I use on every email:

Anne Wayman – 619-450-4333
www.aboutfreelancewriting.com – the blog for freelance writers
www.writingwithvision.com – turning your dreams into words
www.annewayman.com – resume, samples
www.powerfullyrecovered.com – a site for 12 Steppers
http://twitter.com/AnneWayman – follow me on twitter

Okay, it’s seven lines long – but every bit of it is important to my business. And yes, I get phone calls about writing and twitter followers because of my email signature.

Do you use your email signature to market your services? Tell us why or why not.

Write well and often,

Two newsletters:
Abundant Freelance Writing – a resource for freelance writers including 3x a week job postings.
Writing With Vision – for those who want to get a book written.

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  • My signature:
    Nancy Passow
    Write for You in NJ
    business & technical writing
    201-541-9702 (telephone/fax)
    201-362-3404 (cell)
    my blog (link)

    As I explain to my students (I teach a course in Technical Communications, which includes business communications), you include your company name and title to give some credibility to your e-mail, you include phone numbers in case people need to reach you immediately, your website and other links as marketing for your business. I am going to add my Twitter tag.

    On my cell phone I’ve shortened it (my name, company name, website, & cell phone number with a note that it’s from my android phone). My only admonishment is to be careful if you’re including your logo that you keep it small.

  • Hannah

    Ooh, I’m going to do this right now. I just made a gmail for professional purposes but haven’t tweaked it much yet. I’ll put a link to the blog I just set up. Thanks, Anne!

  • I use my signature on each and every email. A recent employer went to my blogs and offered me more work because she liked my style. Definately a great tip Anne!
    .-= Kathryn Pless´s last blog ..Demand Studios-My POV =-.

    • Anne

      works that way for me too, Kathryn

  • Andrea

    Anne I can’t say enough how valuable your site is! You are a major sharer which is of great value. I love this signature idea and plan to use it wisely. I am setting up my website now and you will definetly have a place on it as I will become an affiliate. i will also follow you on twitter. I did get one job from your listings too! Many more to come! Much Success!

    • Anne

      love the idea of being “a major sharer” – thanks and when your site is up let us know.

  • Lauri

    It is also critical to include your address in the sig. I can’t tell you how much I hate digging around to find someone’s address when I need to send them a package or return page proofs or whatever.

    I know some people who routinely listserv email lots of strangers, and for security purposes leave their address out of their signature. In all other cases, though, leaving your address is useful and professional.

  • admin


  • Michelle

    Now that is a quality tip. Off to edit my email sig.

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