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Website for a Copy Editor? Ask Anne the Writing Pro

Hi Anne,

I can see that a writer’s website is useful because it contains writing samples, a visual example of what the writer can do. What sort of content would be useful for the website of a copy editor who is not particularly interested in becoming a writer?

Thanks, N

Hi N,

I think a copy editor needs a website for the same reason – to help the people who need a copy editor find you. Sure you can’t exactly put samples, or maybe you can. How about an example of a manuscript before and after copy editing? Maybe half a page, side-by-side?

Or how about a list of your clients? Or the types of manuscripts you like to work with, or a definition of copy editing and a description of your specific skills, or an explanation of why every manuscript needs a copy editor.

Actually using a couple of these approaches and making sure your contact information is easy to find could make a great site.

You also could do a blog where you write regularly about some aspect of copy editing.

And if you think yo don’t need to be on the web, google copy editor and see what your competition is doing.

You may want to read You’re a Writer – You Need a Website or Better Yet, Your Own Blog. It not only talks about why you need a website, but gives you an overview of how to do it.

Do you have a question about freelance writing? Ask Anne, The Writing Pro – that’s me 😉 Ask in the comments or send an email and put Q&A in the subject line so I can sort it out from spam and I’ll do my best. Meanwhile, you’ll find some Q&A’s here: Ask Anne, The Pro Writer

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    cool, let us know the link when you get some samples up.

  • Hi Anne,
    I’ve been reading through your blog pretty regularly, and as always, the advice is really appreciated. I am myself a new Copyeditor, and always had the question of laying down samples of copyediting on my site. Your ideas are really helpful.

    Thanks a lot…

  • Good article. A list of clients is perfect but a before and after is brilliant!!!


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