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Michael Eric Dyson & George Weigel on Writing – Videos for Writers

Book TV presents two authors – no questions, just answers. Listen carefully to how much they write per day. And since the embeding link has been disabled you get a url: 


I think it’s worth it even though a link isn’t as cool as embedding.

Let me know what you think.

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    Glad you liked it Steve

  • Anne:

    This was very interesting. Especially how George Weigel believed that eight hours was the daily maximum limit for any writer. As Michelle noted, Michael Eric Dyson was comfortable with much longer hours.

    This video reminded me of a quote that I read about Abraham Lincoln. When asked how he would spend eight hours for the task of chopping down a tree, he said, “I would spend six hours sharpening the blade, and two hours chopping it down.”

  • The video is interesting to watch because it shows both writers in their comfy environments busily typing away. Both look enthusiastic and animated. Michael says he can write 8 hr/day churning out 20 -25 pages. George says he writes 10 -17 hr/day. That is some serious writing mojo!

    Now if only I could adopt the novelists personalities on writing hours…

    Don’t underestimate the url links. I think they are more mysterious and make people want to click on them even more so than something embedded. At least that’s what I think/do. I would sooner click the url link. I love links!

    Michelle Kafka’s last blog post..Writing Tool For The Writer/Virtual Office – Zoho

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