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How to Create an Invoice for Your Freelance Writing Clients

How To Create An InvoiceUsually, if you want your writing or editing client to pay you, you’ve got to send them an invoice.

It’s a good idea to send one even if they pay you regularly without one because an invoice helps both parties keep their records straight.

You can also send an invoice along with magazine articles. In fact, sending an invoice is a professional thing to do.

Fortunately, creating invoices is super simple. I make my own in Word™ because it’s so simple. But Quicken and other software will do it for you if you like.

Here are my steps:

1.   In a new document, centered toward the top of the page, in a largish bold type, write the word: Invoice

2.   Enter a couple of spaces, and on the left using the same bold type, write the word: To:

3.   Tab over a couple of times and in your normal type, put the full contact information of the person you’re billing.

4.   Drop down a space or two and in your bold face, write the word: From:

5.   Tabbing over, and in your normal type add your complete contact information.

6.   Drop down another space or two and in your bold face, type: Date:

7.   In your normal face, put the day you’re sending the invoice.

8.   Drop down several spaces and using your decimal tap, enter the work you’ve done, the hours, your hourly rate and the total. (See example at the link below)

9.   Add additional details as needed.

10.   In bold write the word: Total:

11.   Still in bold, total up what’s owed you.

12.   Add any special instructions, make a digital signature and email to the client.

5 Invoicing Tips:

  1. Save your first invoice as a template to save redoing everything.
  2. Set up a tickler file so you can re-bill, make a phone call, etc. if you have a slow paying client.
  3. Keep detail short, but specific.
  4. Keep good records for yourself!
  5. An occasional client will actually want a paper invoice mailed to them – just print the invoice you’ve created and put it in an envelope and mail it.
  6. Include a marketing message like – What’s our next project? or How can I help you next?

Here is a sample Invoice for writing & editing workIf you’d rather use software to do invoices automatically, FreshBooks is a good choice.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer



Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • You’re precious, Anne! 🙂
    Helenee recently posted..Find A Good Writer updated Wed Jan 11 2012 3:16 am ESTMy Profile

  • Numbering your invoices will also help you keep your records straight. Some freelancers number their invoices sequentially. Others prefer to use the date and the client’s initials for the invoice number. For example, using the latter method, if you were invoicing me today, the invoice number would be 01192012MH

    • Good point. Again, the nature of my business is fewer clients who pay more (ghostwriting books) so I don’t generate as many invoices as some.

  • admin

    Good suggestion, Isaac, thanks

  • Isaac

    If you accept money through PayPal, you can easily invoice with that. You just fill in a few items and PayPal puts it all together for you. You can also choose different templates with PayPal.

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