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14, 24, or 28 Places to Find Freelance Writing Work

Here are the places I search to provide the three-times a week freelance writing jobs I post. The exact number of job boards depends on how you count Craigslist. If I’ve left out a favorite of yours, by all means post it in a comment here.

BTW, if you hire freelancers, it doesn’t cost anything to post here. Just send me an email with the word Jobs in the subject line and I’ll post it for you.

  1. Craigslist – the biggest source of freelance writing jobs. You’ll find two entries for each city – writing / editing under jobs and writing listed under gigs. Not every city has jobs every day or even every week. Bigger metro areas tend to have more than smaller ones, but sometimes you’ll be surprised. Note too that gigs now lets you choose to search only those jobs that claim to pay. There’s a lot of criticism out there about CL, but it’s misplaced I think. The service is mostly free and when they charge, it’s less than most. The system of allowing users to flag problem posts works pretty well, and like so much on the ‘net, you’ve got to pay attention and know you’re responsible for yourself. I tend to search on these cities: atlanta, austin, bostonchicago, dallas, denverlas vegas, los angeles, minneapolisnew yorksan diego (I live here – there’s usually not much), seattle, sf bayarea, and, wash dc. Okay, that’s 14 sites, 24 if you count both jobs and gigs.
  2. Bookbuilders of Boston has true freelance jobs just often enough to make it worth a brief look.
  3. Online Writing Jobs drives me nuts, but I search on telecommuting. Usually it’s listings at Craigslist, but not always.
  4. Writerfind is where I usually find any international jobs I post.

  5. JournalismJobs is mostly just that. Search for telecommuting jobs for best results.
  6. MediaBistro can be excellent or poor for true freelance writing jobs, but I always look.
  7. Problogger is the best source for blogging jobs I know.
  8. The Write Jobs has mostly permanent jobs, but true freelance gigs often enough to check it out.
  9. The Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism has a job board that occasionally posts a gem.
  10. Poewar – probably better suited for fulltime jobs, but try a search on telecommute.
  11. Freelance Writing Job Deb Ng’s famous site – the web and print page.
  12. Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog
  13. Freelance BBS posts jobs – free registration. You can also advertise there for jobs – no clue if it works.
  14. MPA (Magazine Publishers of America) posts jobs – many are in house permanent positions, but search on freelance and you may have more luck. You’ll have to register but it’s free.

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