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The State of Book Publishing – Freelance Writing Resource Roundup Tuesday

Book publishing!

If you follow the industry you know classic book publishing is suffering terribly. The recession has only made it worse. Will publising get a bail out? Probably not, and it probably shouldn’t.

Here are five blogs about the current state of book publishing:

  1. Well known agent Richard Curtis writing on The Writers Edge talks about what’s really wrong in the publising industry in Behind Publishing’s Wednesday of the Long Knives.
  2. Implicit in publishing’s problems are solutions offered by technology. Joe Wikert’s Kindleville Blog points to an interview with Ian Freed, Amazon’s VP for Kindle on TechFlash.

  3. Stephen Jayson Harris wonders why Publishers, Agents Report Sharp Increase in “Unpublishable” Submissions.
  4. MediaBistro’s GallyCat blog has a short and intersting post called: Re-Mixing the Publishing Model
  5. Ernst-Jan Pfauth, editor in chief talks about hot Author Paulo Coelho supports piracy: “share to get revenue”
It is indeed a new world when it comes to publishing your book.
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