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Some Thoughts About Thanksgiving

Like most in the United States I grew up with the story of the Pilgrims and those we now call American Indians or Native Americans, happily sharing a meal at harvest time. I was an adult before I learned of how the the natives were treated when my European ancestors arrived in this continent. It was and still is shameful.

With that in mind I entered native americans and thanksgiving in google and immediatly found Thanksgiving: A Native American View, by  Jacqueline Keeler, for Pacific News Service and posted on alternet on January 1, 2000. 

Keeler’s story is not a rant, but a challenge for each of us to open our hearts in a particular way.

I choose to accept that challenge and hope that you will too.

Another View

While thinking about this, I hear Author Junot Diaz sharing his Thanksgiving Memories on my local National Public Radio station. He certainly is also in touch with the atrocities and genocide in my country’s history, but he also reminds me of what’s great about this country. His idea is that to love completely, we must acknowledge and work to heal the faults as well as embrace what’s right and good.

I can get behind that for sure, and suspect you can too.

A Short Gratitude List

When I remember to be grateful, my life works better. With that in mind I’ll share just a few of the things I’m grateful for today, on this semi-official day of gratitude.

  1. Family – 3 adult kids doing well, 4 wonderful grand kids, two great daughter-in-laws and a guy who is a great partner for my daughter.
  2. Friends – writing friends, 12 Step friends, ‘net friends and the just plain nice folks I know.
  3. That I live in the United States – yep, even though this country makes me angry and crazy at times, it’s a great place.
  4. My new bungalow. I love the neighborhood and the house I’m living in.
  5. The internet – and the amazing things it’s brought us and will in the future, particularly people I never would have met otherwise.
I could go on, and probably will, but privately. Why don’t you share a few things you’re grateful for today?

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    I love that picture too… it’s subtle. Thanks for enjoying it with me.

  • What a beautiful picture!

    As writers, we have so much to be grateful for. One thing that tops my list is the Internet because it allows us to spread our writing wings and send our work out around the world, giving us the chance to read others’ works from the comfort of home, and allowing for the making of so many friends and business contacts.

  • admin

    So glad you like it… was tickled when I found it.

  • Nice pic. that captures the spirit of Thanksgiving with the totem pole off on the right-hand side. Happy Thanksgiving Anne!

    Michelle Kafka’s last blog post..Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty, Island Whispers Blog

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