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Blog Writing Guide

Over at copyblogger Dean Rieck has written an excellent article called: The Ultimate Blogger Writing Guide

I have no idea why Dean has aimed this only at bloggers – a niche aritcle I guess. That’s marketing for you.

But each of his eight points works for any writing, or at least any non-fiction, non-academic writing. 

I don’t know that I have a favorite; I try to consistently use all eight.

I do, however, love this statement: When writing fails, it’s probably because you don’t have something to say…

Let’s talk about it.

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    It’s not just short attention spans… the screen still isn’t nearly as kind on the eyes as paper – so we scan. And tire easily.

  • When I first began to write; a few of the tips would have been a no-no’s. Since the on-start of the net, I was advised that many readers have short attention spans; so get to the point. Now even many print media request the same.

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