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The Easiest Move I Ever…

Years ago, when I was living on a boat in Galilee Harbor in Sausalito, California, I did what was probably my all-time easiest move. I put one lamp down on the floor and my friend towed my boat with both me and the cat in it from one dock to another. He was rowing. The only fear was a power boater would come by and rock us a bit. Didn’t happen. Every move should be so easy.

See you when I get set up in the new place.

Writer well and often,

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  • George L Ghio

    Your move doesn’t sound so bad. Our last move was a distance of 100 metres, to move into our new house. We were living in two trailers while we built. Most of the move was with a wheelbarrow, I’ll tell you this, it was easier to move from San Diego to Melbourne and the move from Melbourne to the bush was a breeze, a large bottle of rum, some coke and a shipping container. Loaded the whole house into the container in one night. The container was picked up and delivered to the property the next day.

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