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Twitting, Tweeting Report

On Monday, I reported on my first ventures with Twitter. I started tweeting because it was touted as a way to double my blog traffic. Heidi wondered if I’d double my Twitter followers since I was starting with so few and it seemed unlikely they would double the blog traffic. Katherine pointed out it’s not correct to speak of twit or twitting in this instance, but of tweet or tweeting… but I couldn’t resist one more time.

And yes, I’ve way more doubled my twitter following. You can follow my nattering about writing and life if you like simply by going to http://twitter.com/AnneWayman and, assuming you’re a Twitter member (and if you’re not it’s super easy to join) clicking the follow button.

The traffic for this blog is increasing nicely too, which I really appreciate.

So… Write, and Tweet Often,

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  • Anne,

    I don’t find Twitter to be a time sink … and it’s done wonders for my blog. No, I probably don’t read everything that comes in, but I have discovered some wonderful resources via Twitter.

    Also, I have a plugin that sends a Tweet whenever I create a new blog post. I’ve also set up Twitter to update my Facebook status with my Tweets so I’m getting double or triple duty out of it.

    If you want to really increase your number of followers, start following someone who is high profile in your industry. Take some time and start following some of their followers. Many people automatically follow people who follow them. This is a great way to grow your herd.


  • admin

    Cat Twitterers? Omg, don’t tell mz tiz. She’ll use that as an excuse to walk on the keyboard even more often.

    I can see how Twitter could be a real time sink… still, right now it seems ok

  • Frankly, I’ve had to cut way back on being available to Twitter. Sure, it’s fun to read every single post everyone does, but once your numbers get higher — and mine aren’t that big, only 73 or so, it’s impossible to read everything and still get your work done. So I’ve turned it off for a bit now …

    Have you run across the community of cat-twitterers yet, Anne? I blush to say it, but my cat has a Twitter account …. @schahriar. And my sister’s new cat is probably in the process of getting signed up as we speak … Oh, the crazy lengths people go to!


  • Teresa Hall

    Hi Anne,
    Yes, Twitter is fabulous! But very addicting, isn’t it? We tweet, but I always wonder if those we tweet to are the twits, or if we ourselves are the twits! ;-D

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