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My Move Is Coming Together

Whew… moving is such a pain, isn’t it? But I’m really excited about the cottage I’m moving to. It looks like this. Two bedrooms – I’ll use the one with the most light for an office.

I’ve got movers – my neighbors who I know need some cash.

I’ll rent the uhaul truck and Saturday we’ll be on our way… that’s me and the cats.

I’m switching phone and internet providers – the new cable modem will be delivered tomorrow, the new phone will be hooked up Monday morning.

I’m excited. One cat, MzTiz, who has moved before is not happy. The other one, who doesn’t know there’s any place else on the planet but here, hasn’t a clue – but she’s not happy seeing the kitty carrier out.

I think I need some dinner, and then to finish packing my bedroom.

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