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Course For Non-Techie Writer? Ask Anne The Writing Pro

Dear Anne,

I am an aspiring writer but as yet unpublished.  I like to blog but I’m not very technically inclined.  I’m great at content but not so good at making it look nice on a website, or sometimes even how to find the right place to post.  Do you know of any on-line courses that specifically address blogging?

Thank you for any help you can provide.  

I enjoy your posts and your website.  Congratulations on your new adventure.  


Hi KI,

Glad you like my posts, etc. What a great question. And you know what? I haven’t a clue about an online blogging course. But there must be some. Readers? Can you help out?

That said, http://www.blogger.com is dirt simple and not very pretty, but lots of folks use it successfully. Apparently you buy your own domain name which would be a good idea.

Not a class, but probably reliable information about starting a blog can be found at Starting a Blog – Blogging Basics for the Beginner Blogger. I say probably because I haven’t read it, but About.com often does a good job.

Let’s see what our readers suggest.

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    thanks Helen… yes, I like wordpress… this is a wordpress blog with the thesis theme… not a free theme, but I trust the folks who built it.

  • I’m not sure about blogging courses, but wordpress.com, is quite simple and fun. You can change your blogs template, and save your drafts and publish them later. Some blog posts actually turn into article ideas. Blogging may seem complicated when you first start out, but just blog what you feel, and play around with it.

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