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140 Characters – Learning to Tweet

I’ve been aware of Twitter for quite awhile. In fact, when San Diego had it’s fires several years ago, I started following one of the reporters to track what was happening. Of course, lots of freelance writers tweet; it seems like I add more to my writing list every day.

Now I’ve started Tweeting as part of the promotion for this blog. Of course, I don’t really know how to use it that way. Meryl Kevans of Meryl’s Notes Blog aka the Content Mavan assures me it’s worth the time to figure out (search on twitter for some great articles). Problogger, of course, has an aritcle called: How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog. Although it was written several years ago, it’s worth a read if you haven’t started to tweet yet.

The ClickBank Blog (the service I use to sell my ebooks) has a three part series:

  1. What is Twitter, and How Can It Help Your ClickBank Business?
  2. How to Get Started With Twitter
  3. Twitter Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs
Even if you don’t have a clickbank account, 2 and 3 are helpful.
Finally, blogging4novice has an article called: Using Twitter To Promote Your Blog that covers the basics.
If you want to follow me on Twitter, create an account at twitter.com then go to http://twitter.com/AnneWayman and click the follow button.
What’s your Twitter login? Does Twitter work for you?

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  • admin

    But I felt like such a twit doing it! Lol, I think I’ll let it stand, just as a reminder of what at tweeting twit I can be… 😉 back at you

  • katharine

    fyi – it’s called “tweet” not “twit” — so your headline should read “learning to tweet” not “learning to twit”

    just a little fyi to a twitter newbie 🙂

  • admin

    No, Lori, you don’t have to succumb… but… you probably will 😉

  • Oh dear – do I really HAVE to succumb to it? Sigh. Okay, okay. I give up – technology, I’m yours! :))

  • admin

    The blog is already increasing my twitter following… isn’t that a lovely thread… social media… I’m being dragged kicking and screaming… 😉

  • It will interest me to see whether you actually double your Twitter following from your blog, instead of the other way around — I already had a twitter account, and have been reading your blog for the last two weeks or so. Glad to see you jumping in with even more social media!


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