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Oh Good Grief!

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve decided to move. I thought I had a nifty place lined up, but it fell through so I’m spending most of my time looking for the new place. 

What is that so exhausting? Of course, I’m also packing and everything is in chaos. Messes usually don’t bother me too much, but my current house with boxes everywhere is beyond the pale at the moment.

I just want this over and us (me and two cats) moved and the computer set up in the new place with a solid net connection.

Sigh… they, whoever they are, say change keeps you young. I must be 12 again.

Write well and often,

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  • admin

    Judith, I can’t even imagine moving on the 19th and having 43 people for dinner on the 24th… I’m not sure I can imagine having 43 people for dinner under any circumstances… maybe half that number… good on you!

  • Anne,

    How awful for you! I’ve lived in the same house for 38 years on Wednesday. We moved in on Saturday the 19th, and we had 43 people in for Thanksgiving on the 24th. I was months getting everything else unpacked and organized.

    I hope you find your new nest and get everything in the order you want it, post haste.

  • Kathleen L

    Moving… Yikes, a true pain in the backside for writers with baggage. Okay, we all have baggage – writers and non-writers alike – baggage of different sorts and so I guess moving is a hurdle for everyone, even when it is a good decision.

    Each and EVERY time I moved I felt like the personal, creative side of me was packed away. Hence, most likely why you can’t wait to get to the new place and get your computer hooked back up to a solid net connection.

    Pretty good metaphor there Miss Anne. The old place is a “mess” the new place brings the promise of fresh start. The old place represents something you want to leave behind, the new place somewhere you want to go to. The old place was sooooo yesterday and the new place is your tomorrows. The anticipation of the move is exhausting. The disappointment of the unfulfilled move to the “nifty new place” is draining.

    I used to find myself yearning to unpack and set up “my” new space, to allow my excitement to feed my word play.

    I am not sure who said, ‘change keeps you young’… ‘cuz, like you, I felt childish tantrums building inside of me when I could not get my new spaces set up and organized. But the childhood cheer and excitement is often associated with the positive outlook on change…. Change is good.

    I hope you find a place to call your own soon.

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