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Finding Agents With A Specialty

I am presently completing a manuscript to be entitled something like The Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Success. I’ve never used an agent before and I have two questions:

  1. Are there agents who specialize in personal finance? Or unknown authors. How does that work.
  2. Do such (or any) agents place magazine articles, 800-1,000 words or longer? There are many I could spin off from my books.

I enjoy writing but really don’t care for the marketing aspect of it.



Hi EW,

Hmmm, there may be agents who specialize in finance or personal finance, but it seems to me you might do better with an agent who works with the YA (Young Adult) non-fiction market. That said, a book like yours may be most welcome.

You can find agents of all types with google searches (young adult agents brings up a ton, but most seem to be dealing with fiction), or through listings in Writer’s Market or Writer’s Market’s Guide to Agents – both annuals.

Of course the very best way is through someone who knows an agent, so ask everyone you see; you may be surprised at the connections your networking brings.

Many agents will take on new writers if they like your work. Very few agents will take on articles. They just don’t make enough money to justify the effort, but you can certainly spin off articles as part of your marketing program. When you get a publisher, make sure you or your agent negotiates the rights to articles coming from your book. A publisher should be delighted.

You’re not alone in wishing you could avoid the marketing, but until your rich and famous from your writing, you’ll have to find a way to do it.

You might find my faq about agents helpful.

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Write well and often,

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