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Writing Even When Things Go Wrong

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much count on being able to write three or four hours in the morning, five days a week. I’ve got a routine and when it changes, I’m sort of at a loss.

Last week, I had tech problems with and was on the phone with tech support for the better part of an hour as we tried this and that. They promised they’d fix it and they did. I was off the phone in time to make my phone appointment with a client and during the haitus of waiting for the blog to be restored, actually got a start on making the changes he wants.

This morning the same darn thing happened, except I was on the phone with tech support for almost two hours to no avail. I missed a client call that I was able to make later with little problem. Not only that, my move may be screwed up and I might have to find a different place to move to.

In other words, things did not go well this morning. Yet I got some writing done. I solved a problem in a chapter I’m ghostwriting, started working with Twitter (@annewayman if you want to follow me there.)

The point is we can write under almost any circumstances. We don’t need to wait for the mood or muse or until we solve a living problem.

The way to get to this place is to write. Write every day or five days a week. Write for an hour or two or three. Write, edit, rewrite and write some more.

The more you write the more the habit of writing will form. It’s that writing habit that will get you through the rough times, the times when you don’t want to write or problems keep getting in your way.

There’s another advantage to forming the writing habit and that’s it’s hard to get worse at something your practice.

How do you get back on course when you get interrupted?


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  • This is a nice post! To me, both reading and writing are important in life to elevate one’s mental abilities. Writing makes me aware of the Universe, social issues, and political endeavors. It’s a good habit to be a writing aficionado!

  • Gah, this plagues me. When stuff isn’t working or life is not going well, I get so frustrated that it’s hard to concentrate. I’m working on this, however, by making habit changes. It’s hardest in between projects. I don’t have the immersion I do when I’m deep in a story, and stuff doesn’t bounce off me as easily.

    Even if I only get a little bit done, I feel better when I make time to actually write.
    .-= Elizabeth West´s last blog ..Fans =-.

    • Anne

      Good point, Elizabeth. Making time to write seems to inform our muse that at least some small thing is expected.

  • admin

    Hi Lauri, yes, the scut work can really eat time… which is why we all need to set our fees high enough to account for it as well as benefits.

  • Lauri

    Hi Anne,

    I can really identify with this post. In fact, it’s my single biggest complaint about being self-employed. When I worked in-house and my computer broke, I’d call IT and switch to a new computer until mine was fixed. When I had to unexpectedly photocopy a 1,000 pg. manuscript, I’d give it to my assistant or the receptionist. The amount of time I spend on these kinds of tasks really cuts into my profits, depending on what disasters occur during the week! I’ve learned to weather them with a smile, however, and appreciate the rare times when everything – printer, Internet, computer, phone, hard drive, lights, you name it! – is working for me rather than against me.


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