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Nothing Can Go Wrong…

I’m old enough to remember the joke about the automated airplane. On it’s first flight, the pilot and the developer were toasting each other and enjoying how everything from take off to landing was finally fully automatic, eleminating completely the possiblity of human error. Just as they were clinking glasses the computer intoned:

Nothing can go wrong… go wrong… go wrong… go wrong.

That sinking feeling is exactly what I’ve been feeling this morning. Yesterday when I couldn’t get to this site or its control panel and tech support fixed it I figured it was just one of those things. This morning, when the same thing happened I got, well, concerned, angry, heck, you know how it goes.

I yelled at a customer support person who turned out not only to be the soul of patience, but actually understood what was going on and explained it to me, assuring me it was not my fault. The tech support person before him had sounded competent, but kept asking me to clear cache and reset my modem, which, of course, did nothing. I apologized to the first one profusely and simply had to wait until they did whatever it is they do.

I will call in a bit and see if they’ve figured out how to fix it mostly permanently.

Or not… just got this email as a result of yesterday’s outage:

This is an email in relation to the call about the website:
https://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com/ – upon continued monitoring that I
do since it seemed the case has been intermitten. I just found out
recently, administrators sent a new report about a downtime of the
hostname that handled this website. There has been a reported “error
500” for all websites under the hostname that administrators informed.
We are very sorry for the too much inconvenience. The intermittent error
is a result of this reported issue. Please wait for an update from our
end on this regard. We will closely monitor this case and when the
administrators will be able to resolve this, we will send you an email
as soon as possible.

Yikes! this does not inspire confidence.

Write well and often,

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