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Moving Blogs, Moving House – Change Is The Thing

Whew! Setting up a new blog is not trivial. At least not for me, and not for many, I suspect. The basis of this blog is WordPress which is free software. Although there are tons of free themes available, I decided to use the Thesis theme because it’s recommended by so many people I trust.

Thesis has tremendous flexibility and there are many small, individual decisions to be made about how to present your blog. Fortunately, there is an active and informed forum which has bailed me out of trouble several times.


As so often happens in life, I’m also packing to move. The actual move is in about two weeks. Yesterday I scored a bunch of decent boxes and I’ve actually filled four or five of them. Enough so the cats are getting nervous. Well, MzTiz, the kitty that’s been with me for 12 years knows what’s happening. Fiona hasn’t yet a clue since she’s always lived here and just figures that’s the way it is.

Writing Clients

Of course, I’ve also got clients. Actually, there’s been a pause in the work I need to do for clients. One has postponed an long editing session until next week; I’ve been waiting on information from another (it arrived this morning in the form of a video, and I don’t expect to hear on the new proposal until next week. So I’ve had time to fiddle with the blog, pack some boxes, and take some naps.

And I’ve learned to trust the whole process of my writing – both for myself and for my clients. There are pauses which I’m grateful for. There are times when it’s full steam ahead. Usually it’s somewhere in between.

The pacing of the writing work is sometimes a real challenge in the freelance writing game. It took me a long time to develop the courage to be proactive instead of reactive. I now tell the client how long it will take me to do a project or a part of a project, and I always add a few days or even a week or two padding to allow for life.

One of the lessons for me is that I do run my own freelance writing business and that means I’m in charge. It’s a lesson well worth learning.

Write well and often,

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  • Moving a house is not that easy. I love reading your post. It makes sense and I’ve learn more. Great post!

  • admin

    Amy, I’m learning to love Thesis! Let me know what you like and what you’d like to see changed here.

  • Hey Anne,

    Love the new home! Thesis is great, isn’t it? I’m loving it.

    Good luck with moving house (the physical house), and I’m looking forward to having a better look around your new digs here. 🙂

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