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Deb Ng Expands To 6 Blogs – An Interview

Deb Ng, well known writer and blogger, and probably best known for her Freelance Writing Jobs blog announced today she’s expanded that blog into six blogs. I couldn’t resist asking her some questions which she graciously answered:

AFW: Deb, on Tuesday, Nov. 4 you announced you’d turned your Freelance Writing Gig blog into 6 blogs. What on earth are you thinking?

Deb: It’s a natural progression, I think, and a way to make the blog less confusing. Now members of our community can find what they’re looking for at a glance rather than scrolling around for the different articles or jobs. 
AFW: What are the 6 blogs and why those topics?
Deb: The six blogs are:                

  1. Freelance Writing Jobs: Web and Print – Which are our regular job leads. Jodee Redmond will be editing this blog.
  2. Freelance Writing Jobs and Other Stuff: This is my blog. I have my posts about freelance writing, the Craiglist Ad of the Day, Caption This and other content the regulars will enjoy.  
  3. Freelance Writing Jobs and Article Writing Tips is Terreece Clarke’s blog about writing articles for web and print – Terreece won our FWJ Idol contest this past summer.  
  4. Freelance Writing Jobs and Business Tips – James Chartrand discusses the business behind freelance writing and tips for a more productive freelance writing career. 
  5. Freelance Writing Jobs and Network Blogging Tips – We actually moved this blog over from another domain. Our blog about blogging is edited Jennifer Chait, David Peralty,…and Yours Truly.  
  6. Freelance Writing Jobs and Market Tips –  Jodee is also writing this blog which offers tips for a more productive job hunt.

Why these topics? Because they seem to be the most popular and they’re also topics our bloggers specialize in.
AFW: Won’t 6 blogs be 6 times the work?

Deb: Not at all. I realize I’ll be tweaking for the next week or so, but after that it’ll be easier because I’m only managing one blog. The other bloggers are handling their end.

AFW: How will you keep readers from being confused? Are they all at the same address? How will new readers find you?

Deb: Right now there is a portal on the home page listing the different blogs. I will also list the entire Freelance Writing Jobs network of blogs in each sidebar for easier linking and also, have navigation at the top if the page. Readers are also welcome to subscribe to each individual blog.

AFW: This sounds like your own network and I guess you call it that…you’ve got some new names. Do you want to tell us about them?
Deb: It’s definitely my own, or rather our (the FWJ Community) own network. I’ve been dreaming about this for a couple of years now!
AFW: Do you plan to start including even more blogs and bloggers?
Deb: Absolutely, but right now I need to recoup my investment and save up after paying for an upgrade, move to a new server, new bloggers, etc. I would love to have more blogs in the future. I think I’d like to see one from a client’s point of view and I plan on including more from the world of social media.
AFW: How did you get started blogging anyway?
Deb: It was in May 2005 after I and several other bloggers started Writers Row. I had a page there which listed job leads for my fellow WAHMs. But I’m technically challenged. One writer suggested I try a blog because it would be much easier than hand coding updates every day. So I did…and here I am!
AFW: Is blogging now how you make your living?
Deb: While I do well blogging for myself, I  also work full time as Community Manager for BlogTalkRadio. Which means, yes, I actually do make my living blogging!
AFW: I know you and I both publish jobs for freelance writers – you do it daily and I do it 3 times a week. I’ve never felt we are in direct competition… I’m not sure why. How do you feel about it?
Deb: I never considered you competition . I don’t like to think of other bloggers as competition because we have so much to offer each other. We learn from each other and share ideas and we send traffic back and forth. Bloggers aren’t competitors, they’re colleagues. It’s the ones who work together who do the best.
AFW: What else would you like to tell us?
Deb: Stop reading this and go out and vote!
As usual, Deb’s right on – if you haven’t voted, stop reading and go vote right now! Deb, thanks so much for letting me poke around in your head.
Write well and often,

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